Art education as field research between yesterday and tomorrow

While art education in its infancy was above all an attempt to communicate information about art to a specific target audience, today it is more of a field of experimentation for learning a critical practice.
Often the aim is to question familiar patterns of perception, well rehearsed positions, and any prejudices that we may have – the legacy which we carry with us from the past.
At the same time, it is important not to simply throw personal experience and existing knowledge of dealing with art over board, but rather to harness it in order to refine modes of perception.
In keeping with the theme of this year’s steirischer herbst “Back to the Future”, the art education programme focuses on these legacies, interrogating them in terms of their meaningfulness in dealing with contemporary art so as ultimately to be able to set out for new horizons. Our aim is to create spaces for experimentation in which different forms of knowledge and knowledge acquisition can be put to the test.
The wide range of public programmes at steirischer herbst is intended to get people interested in contemporary art and to make it easier for them to engage with the diverse programme. It is extremely important for us for as many people as possible to take part in what is currently happening in art – as is developing very individual entry points and working jointly on new perspectives. Like every innovative undertaking, art education as field research in the realm of new art is above all else teamwork – and we warmly invite you to get involved.

Veronica Kaup-Hasler
and the public programme team

Contact and Information:
Markus Boxler
p +43 664 24 500 89 /

„Provokation" und „Experiment" - two short films 

For more than forty years, steirischer herbst has been inviting people to explore contemporary art, challenging the public by asking awkward questions or leaving behind familiar patterns of perception. A journey from the beginnings of the festival to the present day in a few minutes:


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