hoelb / hoeb (AT)

Close Link

Book presentation

Literature / Theory / Discourse / Documentation

Sun 04/10, 13.00

Festival centre

Admission free


German language


Discussion with Barbara Hölbling (AT), Mario Höber (AT), Thomas Macho (AT), Anja Quickert (DE), Christian Reder (AT) et al.
With text contributions by Julius Deutschbauer (AT), Veronica Kaup-Hasler (AT), Thomas Macho (AT), Sandra Noeth (DE), Anja Quickert (DE) & Christian Reder (AT)

The “Close Link” exhibition project by hoelb/hoeb at steirischer herbst 2013 revealed the following: the current call for inclusion results not from the axioms of modern social policy or the demands of one’s own conscience, but from the very loneliness that is imposed on us – at moments when communication is interrupted or when the perspective shifts, when we want to be perceived as being excluded. This is the “uncanny” aspect (in Freud’s sense of the word) with which Barbara Hölbling and Mario Höber’s exhibition work confronts us: in the encounter with the lack of language, disease and lameness, we experience our own vulnerability, lack of language and immobility, and a mortality that can also unite us. The “Close Link” project has now given rise to a publication that will be presented at the festival centre.