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herbst opening

Johannes Maria Staud / Josef Winkler (AT)

Specter of the Gardenia oder Der Tag wird kommen

steirischer herbst 2015 opens with an installation-based concert performance. Composer Johannes Maria Staud and poet Josef Winkler venture a contemporary music theatre experiment together with Ensemble Modern.

steirischer herbst Opening Party

The opening night of steirischer herbst does not end with the final applause for “Specter of the Gardenia oder Der Tag wird kommen” but with the last notes of the subsequent opening party.

Phoebe Davies (GB)


Together with young women from Graz, British artist Phoebe Davies opens a temporary, feminist nail bar at the festival centre.

Mette Ingvartsen (DK)

7 Pleasures

In “7 Pleasures” by the Danish choreographer and dancer Mette Ingvartsen the audience can experience at first hand how notions of nudity and sexuality have changed over time.


Die Buben im Pelz

Die Buben im Pelz move between pop and Wienerlied when they present their version of the legendary "The Velvet Underground & Nico".

orizzontale (IT)


The festival centre at this year’s steirischer herbst is being staged by the Italian architecture collective orizzontale as a retro-futuristic space station.

Rotozaza / Ant Hampton / Silvia Mercuriali (GB)


Two people are sitting at a table, following stage directions through headphones. That’s all – no actors, no costumes, no dramatic changes of light. “Etiquette” invites two visitors at a time to act an unknown play, just for each other. 

Der Nino aus Wien / Natalie Ofenböck

For the opening of steirischer herbst at the Porubsky Halle Leoben, the duo present their songs in good old singer/songwriter-style.



Lambert's music resides between classical music, jazz and pop. Always minimalistic and original.

Rimini Protokoll / Helgard Haug / Daniel Wetzel (DE)

Adolf Hitler: Mein Kampf, Band 1 & 2

Rimini Protokoll picks up the thread of Adolf Hitler’s inflammatory pamphlet, trying to discover the reason for the mythical aura surrounding “Mein Kampf”.

Die Rabtaldirndln (AT)

Luise 37

The Rabtaldirndln lace up their football boots, put on shin pads and break out of the comfort zone with brute feminist force.

Tom Struyf (BE)


In a touching plea for love, the Belgian theatre-maker Tom Struyf tries to recall why his memory is failing him.


Anastasia Filipovna

The DJane from Poland mixes music inspired by Caribbean club culture to a coherent whole.

Big Draw Graz

As part of steirischer herbst, the biggest drawing event in the world returns to Graz this year.

Nesterval (AT)

Die Heimkehr der Eleonore Nesterval

A dark secret casts a shadow over Vordernberg. In an adventure game, the aim is to bring to light the mystery of its lost daughter.

Anna Peschke (DE)


In a wishful internal world full of plants and grasses, artist Anna Peschke offers protection from the outside world, inviting visitors to linger.

Theater im Bahnhof (AT)

Black Moonshine

Graz-based Theater im Bahnhof tells the story of a community in which a detention centre and a distillery change the lives of the inhabitants.



The band from Munich brings their new album "City of O" and a lot of danceable beats to Graz.

hoelb / hoeb (AT)

Close Link

A publication arose from the project "Close Link", which was originally presented during the steirischer herbst 2013, and will be presented in the festival centre.

Nature Theater of Oklahoma (US)

Life and Times – Episodes 7 - 8 - 9

The performance collective Nature Theater of Oklahoma has switched to film for the three new episodes of their long-term genre-bending project “Life and Times”.


Molly Nilsson

Armed with a microphone and CD player, dressed all in black and sporting silvery-blonde hair – that’s how Molly Nilsson appears on stage to present her DIY pop.



“Nigredo” is the experience of changed self-perception by means of biophysical media – throwing visitors back on bare humanity.



Researcher of the Mediterranean, Ludwig Salvator was a traveller all his life. A homage with contributions from the domain of sound, art and science sets out to do justice to this free thinker.

Joachim Hainzl (AT)

Recycled History

Salvaged everyday stories/history and dumped knowledge – visitors can rediscover discarded memories in a private collection housed at the festival centre.

The Loose Collective (AT)

The Music of Sound

The film “The Sound of Music” is a source of inspiration for the Styrian-international artist formation The Loose Collective to reflect on national identity and belonging.


Reshaping Club Music

"Reshaping Club Music" is a concert evening in the dynamic context of the past and future, albeit immersed in an apocalyptic atmosphere.


Pure Elektronik

The Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics IEM celebrates its fiftieth anniversary with tape-recorded music and sound transducers with pure music on the Schloßberg.

Márcio Carvalho

Here After There

In “Here After There”, Márcio Carvalho examines the biographical roots of his family, who lived in Angola for more than eight decades.

Mariano Pensotti / Grupo Marea (AR)

Cuando vuelva a casa voy a ser otro

In his latest piece, internationally renowned Argentinian author and director Mariano Pensotti combines stories about people caught up in their past.


Christian Fennesz (AT) / Jorge E. López (CU)

Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra

The best of two worlds – Austrian guitarist and electronic musician Christian Fennesz transfers his music to the RSO, the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra.


Noise Me Tender

Petra Ackermann, Philipp Meier & Jorge Sánchez-Chiong present premieres of three composers with Latin American roots, who have for some time provided important impetus in the local music scene.


DJ Obstsalat

The stage-name DJ Obstsalat alludes to the juicy, colourful mixture of club sounds served up by Tatiana Saphir.


Teresa Carrasco (ES)

Radiazione di corpo nero

The pianist and his black instrument act and function as an “ideal black body”: this is the basis of the concept for “Radiazione di corpo nero”. The composition thus lives in between music and quantum physics.

Future Perfect

Not all destruction is creative – the steirischer herbst conference looks into the question of what needs to be preserved and what needs to be fought for.


The "Ideenschmiede" tries to answer the question how the Porubsky Halle Leoben can become a space that fosters creativity.


ensemble recherche

Pure curiosity is the trademark of the Freiburg-based ensemble recherche. It bills with a sextet of British grand seigneur Brian Ferneyhough and three premiere pieces.


Scelsi Projekt

On the basis of “Improvisations” by Giacinto Scelsi, musician Uli Fussenegger examines the world of the Italian composer.


Young Fathers

The three Scots with roots in Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria and the USA have since their youth been working together on a very individual interpretation of hip hop.


Ulrich Troyer (AT)

Dolomite Dub

Ulrich Troyer’s “cinema for listening” is based on the big effect of little unsettling moments – he likes to disturb the equilibrium of his listeners without actually putting them off balance.


Joanne Robertson

Joanne Robertson's songs are more akin to sketches, outlined by her voice and guitar – unsettling waking dreams captured with the devices of a folk musician.

Encyclopédie de la parole / Joris Lacoste (FR)

Suite n°2

French theatre-maker Joris Lacoste translates language playfully and humorously into music to put a different perspective on our everyday communication.

Friðgeir Einarsson / Kriðpleir Theatre Group (IS)

Tiny Guy

With a mischievous lecture performance, the Icelandic Kriðpleir Theatre Group reveals astonishing insights into the control mechanisms of the human brain.

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker / Rosas (BE)

Golden Hours (As you like it)

Belgian Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker is one of the most influential choreographers of our time. Brian Eno and William Shakespeare have now inspired her to explore the phenomenon of transience.


In keeping with this year’s leitmotif, Andrei Tarkovsky’s Soviet science fiction classic “Solaris” (1972) is being screened.

Jochen Becker / Christian Hanussek / Daniel Kötter / metroZones (DE)


Investigations of the traces of cultural and economical exchange between China and Africa, in which Europe long ago ceased to be actively involved.



Anika interprets songs by Yoko Ono and Bob Dylan, in matter-of-fact new versions that range between dub, no wave and post-punk.

Dead or Alive

At the „Dead or Alive“ poetry slam, living authors duel with already deceased colleagues.



The four Scandinavians don’t do without grand gestures, evoking memories of Kraftwerk, Brian Eno or Talking Heads.

herbst. Theorie zur Praxis 2015

As an accompaniment to the festival, the herbst magazine is being published this year for the tenth time. Through the numerous essays, reports or series of pictures, “herbst. Theorie zur Praxis” becomes a festival project in its own right.

Modezirkus (AT)

Happy Clothes Swapping

The Modezirkus of steirischer herbst moves on. At the Porubsky Halle Leoben you can get rid of old wardrobe clutter, dresses, shirts, and trousers and take new fashion treasures home with you in return.

Grundrechtstag 2015 - Armut

The aim of this interdisciplinary symposium is to give an overview of the manifestations of poverty and its aspects of basic rights and democracy.

plan b (GB/DE)

herbst Fragments

“herbst Fragments” is an app that gives users access to more than 100 interview excerpts and original audio recordings from the history of steirischer herbst.


musikprotokoll to go

musikprotokoll is not just a festival physically located in Graz, all concerts are also broadcast on Ö1, the internet, and by the European Broadcasting Union.


This year again, five authors and artists will keep a net diary for steirischer herbst. They note, sketch, photograph. They formulate passing thoughts – topical today and perhaps stale tomorrow.


Hildur Guðnadóttir / The International Nothing

The focus of Hildur Guðnadóttir’s music is on the unusual instrument Ómar, with clarinettists Kai Fagaschinski and Michael Thieke experimenting with microtonal structures.

herbst remixed

The video documentary “herbst remixed” accompanies the steirischer herbst festival, recording everything that happens. It documents what takes place, remixes what people see, focuses on what goes unobserved, and creates new links.

Fourdummies (AT)

Flash Forward

The artist collective Fourdummies is collecting and safeguarding visions of the future together with residents and festival visitors in Graz, Leoben and Vordernberg. These visions will be turned into a joint visual prophecy in the Double Moment experiment, to await the moment of rediscovery in a time capsule buried in the ground for twenty years.

copy & waste (DE)

Knick-Knack to the Future – Ruckzuck in die Zukunft

copy & waste puts up a concept store in the middle of Graz. The aim is not only to spotlight the topic of gentrification, but also to allow time travel so as to shape the city of tomorrow.

continuous events




Big Draw Graz




Recycled History

Pure Elektronik

Future Perfect


herbst Fragments


Flash Forward

musikprotokoll to go

herbst remixed


Exhibition Openings


An artist is an artist is an artist is a female artist

Reliqte, Reloaded

Bright Sign

Hall of Half-Life

To What End?

Jörg Schlick

Free Play


Speech Acts

AA Bronson's Sacre du Printemps

What Remains

Das ist nicht meine Geschichte!

Saint Jude’s Leftovers (Your Thoughts in Lights)

Off the Records


Wolken lösen sich in Wasser

Es ist so, wie es scheint

event series


musikprotokoll 2015