Nesterval (AT)

Die Heimkehr der Eleonore Nesterval

[The Return of Eleonore Nesterval]

Theatre / Performance

A dark secret casts a shadow over Vordernberg. In an adventure game, the aim is to bring to light the mystery of its lost daughter.


Black Moonshine




Sat 03/10 & Sun 04/10, Fri 16/10 & Sat 17/10, 14.30

Hauptplatz Vordernberg

18 €


German language

The performance takes place in all weather. Warm, rainproof clothing and good shoes are recommended.

Vordernberg is a little village with a big history, but also any number of little histories. One day a rumour begins to spread: Eleonore is coming back. It is a long time ago that Eleonore Nesterval was last here. Even if the locals have chosen to forget, things happened back then that Eleonore’s return is bringing back to the present. The village and, above all, the participants in the interactive performance adventure find themselves confronted with a dark secret from the past. There’s a debt to pay and Eleonore Nesterval wants revenge.
In a world between fiction and reality, with curious characters and extraordinarily ordinary settings, the visitors experience the cracked idyll of this once so wealthy place. They become adventurers, embarking on a roughly three-hour chase to unravel the mystery of the village’s lost daughter.
The Austrian performance and game concept “Nesterval – An Adventure in the City” allows visitors to experience public space and hidden sites, thus enabling a new view of a familiar setting. In an interplay of performance, social interaction and classical methods of play, participants are immersed in the social and cultural everyday life of the village, becoming protagonists of their own adventure.

Concept Nesterval
Direction Herr Finnland
Script Frau Löfberg
Scenography and equipment Herr Walanka
Costumes and make-up House of Butter – Gerhard Prügger
Graphics Der Trafikant. Handel mit Gestaltung
Best Boy Tobias Zach
With Alexandra Desmond, Lukas Hinterndorfer, Roman Muzzulini, Alkis Vlassakakis, Florian Macher, Nico Rinderhofer, Lorenz Tröbinger, Sebastian Ronner, Laura Hermann, Walter Hubner, Adele Kolbegger, Petra Stöcklmayr, Sonja Stöcklmayr, Margit Mayer, Claudia Six, Erni Ströbitzer, Martin Walanka, Denise Kottlett ,Gellert Gerson Butter, Aston Matters, Romi Hrubeš, Chris Pusch, Dutzi Ijsenhower, Susi Mader, Willy Mutzenpachner, Jörn Kai Kittel, Frau Löfberg, Herr Finnland, Adi Lampl, Thomas Pusch & Emily Ronner

Thanks to Erzherzog–Johann Trachtenkapelle, Musikverein Vordernberg, Verein Erzbergbahn, Edwin Weigand, Gerhard Zach, Feiel family & Schönegger-Marschnig family
Yodellers from Vordernberg, around 1870, recorded by Viktor Zack

Commissioned by steirischer herbst

steirischer herbst
Dramaturgy Petra Pölzl
Project management Jakob Schweighofer

Nesterval (AT)

The Nesterval theatre group presented the first of its now famous scavenger hunts in Vienna in 2011. The goal: to give the traditional concept of the scavenger hunt a new flavour with ingredients such as theatre and mystery. In the meantime 16 different hunts – described by the group as “adventures” – have been staged, all of them somehow connected with the fictional Nesterval family created by collective founder Herr Finnland. During the four years that they have existed, Nesterval has sold about 1800 tickets to their urban explorations and will now appear for the first time at steirischer herbst in 2015, to write the next chapter of their family story in Styria.