Es ist so, wie es scheint

[It is as it seems]

Visual arts

Artist Anita Witek draws on the visual subjects of advertising and magazines to create three-dimensional collages with the image fragments found.


The material with which artist Anita Witek creates her three-dimensional collages consists of items found in magazines, current and old books, and on advertising posters. Detached from their original context, she reproduces individual elements by means of photography and printing, adjusting the proportions in keeping with the new concept and arranging them in different constellations. The result is simulated spaces, installations and images of space that restage the interaction of the human being and the object in the field of photography. In the words of philosopher Jean Baudrillard one might say that this gives rise to “simulacra”, that is to say, images between reality and fiction.

For “Es ist so, wie es scheint”, the artist draws on current concepts of urban planning in Graz and on the immediate vicinity of Kunsthalle Graz. Image fragments and subjects taken from the mass media are pieced together to create a polyfocal, three-dimensional collage, thus creating a space within a space with local references.

Co-produced by steirischer herbst & Kunsthalle Graz