Márcio Carvalho

Here After There

Theatre / Performance


Wolken lösen sich in Wasser


Fri 09/10, 19.30

Porubsky Halle Leoben

Admission free

Talk after the performance with Tessa Giblin (curator "Wolken lösen sich in Wasser" and Martin Baasch, head of dramaturgy steirischer herbst)

As a child, Márcio Carvalho listened to music from Angola on his father’s old tape recorder, eating Angolan food and learning Angolan Portuguese. In “Here After There” Carvalho now examines the biographical roots of his family, who lived in Angola for more than eight decades: their stories, the descriptions of the landscape, and the feeling of having been displaced from Portugal after the war. But are these memories really autobiographical or the product of adopting other people’s memories?