[Marginal Notes] – A virtual diary

Literature / Documentation



Tiny Guy

26/05 – 18/10



German and English language
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By and with Christoph Dolgan (AT), Friðgeir Einarsson (IS), Anna Peschke (DE), Marleen Leitner (AT) & Michael Schitnig (AT)

They are diarists and writers-in-residence, minute-takers and observers. They note, sketch, photograph. They formulate passing thoughts – topical today and perhaps stale tomorrow.
This year again, five authors and artists will keep a net diary for steirischer herbst: Icelandic performer Friðgeir Einarsson, exploring the foundations of human thought with “Tiny Guy”, Graz-based writer Christoph Dolgan and two Austrian architects Marleen Leitner and Michael Schitnig aka studio Asynchrome, and German artist Anna Peschke, who will enchant Vordernberg with the interactive installation “Ophiopogon”.
They published their first notes in May, and will be adding to them continuously. When all of the authors are in Graz for one week each during the festival, their note-taking will be intensified – thus joining together to form a parallel pre-history and literary continuation of steirischer herbst.