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Wolken lösen sich in Wasser

Life and Times – Episodes 7 - 8 - 9

Fri 16/10, 19.30

Porubsky Halle Leoben

Admission free


Discussion after the screening with Sebastian Höglinger (AT) & Peter Schernhuber (AT)

The “Retrokino” series is on the way to becoming a fixture in Leoben. In keeping with this year’s leitmotif, Andrei Tarkovsky’s Soviet science fiction classic “Solaris” ( 1972 ) is being screened. The film demonstrates the hubris of our traditional faith in progress. Then as now, the work requires a certain empathy, lacking as it does the narrative style of conventional cinema. The discussion following the screening illuminates future scenarios already visualised in the film medium and how they correspond with the present.

Concept Michael Domian (AT) & Felix Leitner (AT)
Discussion with Sebastian Höglinger (AT) & Peter Schernhuber (AT)

In cooperation with MuseumsCenter Leoben