To What End?

Visual arts

Historically evolved awareness is always prone to rupture. By looking at these ruptures, however, it is possible to critically reappraise the culturally specific legacy.


Future Perfect

herbst Academy


Ruptures in the culturally specific legacy and the consequences – this is the theme of the exhibition “To What End?”, where ruptures are seen as the result of various global power relations. To explore which forms of postnational belonging are possible, the artists reflect on sociocultural, political and above all historical changes of paradigm from the recent past. The show thus negotiates historically evolved awareness in different countries, exercising criticism of the predominant understanding of the respective political and economic developments.

The different experiences of the self, based on these developments, is analysed in “To What End?”. The artists refer to incisive political and social events in their countries and their effects on current living conditions. The show also examines the diversity and marginalisation of social groups, as a result producing not only critical statements about the past, present and future, but also new intellectual approaches regarding historical and current conditions.

Co-produced by steirischer herbst & Camera Austria