Mariano Pensotti / Grupo Marea (AR)

Cuando vuelva a casa voy a ser otro

[When I get back home, I’ll be another one]

Theatre / Performance

In his latest piece, internationally renowned Argentinian author and director Mariano Pensotti combines stories about people caught up in their past.


Austrian premiere


Fri 09/10 & Sat 10/10, 19.30


18 €


Spanish language with German surtitles

Talk following the performance on Sat 10/10

What happens when we suddenly get torn out of the here and now and have to face something that happened long ago? “Cuando vuelva a casa voy a ser otro” is a piece by the superb story-teller Mariano Pensotti about people haunted by the past, forced to realise that they have become someone different over the course of time.
The whole thing is based on a true story: an Argentinian revolutionary who buried incriminating objects at the end of the 70s. After the end of the military dictatorship, he can no longer find them, and they only reappear unexpectedly years later, confronting the one-time revolutionary with his past. Against this backdrop, Pensotti connects three illustrious fictive biographies – a former theatre director tries to restage his only successful play, a political campaign adds a twist to the life of a musician and an unsuccessful politician reinvents himself. To stage these identity crises Pensotti deploys narrative techniques of cinema alongside an unusual stage structure.
The Argentinian staged Johannes Schrettle’s short play “no one’s colleague” at steirischer herbst in 2008, in 2010 he premiered the “Encyclopedia of unlived life”. An insider’s tip back then, today he is internationally sought after. This year, for the first time, he brings his own new play to Graz with the actors of the Grupo Marea.

Text and direction Mariano Pensotti
With Santiago Gobernori, Mauricio Minetti, Andrea Nussembaum, Agustín Rittano & Julieta Vallina
Set design Mariana Tirantte
Music Diego Vainer
Light Alejandro Le Roux
Production Florencia Wasser
Stage assistance Carlos Etchevers & Manuel Guirao

Produced by Grupo Marea
Co-produced by Cultural San Martín, Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires, Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), Festival D’Avignon, Festival Theaterformen (Hannover), Mousonturm (Frankfurt), HAU Hebbel Am Ufer (Berlin), Maison des Arts Scène Nationale de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne & Theatre Nanterre Amandiers
In cooperation with Ligne Directe / Judith Martin

steirischer herbst
Head of project management Dominik Jutz
Project management Philipp Forthuber
Technical management Karl Masten 

Technical management MUMUTH Peter Fischer

Mariano Pensotti / Grupo Marea (AR)

Mariano Pensotti was born in 1973 in Buenos Aires and works as an author and director. He is considered one of the greatest talents in Latin American theatre. After studying film and theatre directing as well as drama writing, Pensotti worked mainly in theatre, concentrating on constantly testing its boundaries by involving film and performance elements. His directing debut (“Ojos Ajenos”, 2000) was followed by 15 pieces and stagings performed worldwide in over 25 countries. In 2006 within the framework of the Buenos Aires International Festival he received the “Germán Rozenmacher Award” for dramatic composition for his complex piece “Vapor”. His latest piece – “Cineastas” – premiered at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels in 2013 and also played at the Wiener Festwochen. Mariano Pensotti has appeared twice before at steirischer herbst: in 2008 he staged “kollege von niemand” by Graz author Johannes Schrettle, while in 2010 “Encyclopedia of Unlived Lives” premiered at the festival. In 2015 the Argentinian director returns to Austria with a new production for the first time with his own theatre group, Grupo Marea.